Scaling an IT Department to Support Growth (and Why Managed Services Makes Sense)

Varun Gadhok, Chief Information Officer at Surgery Partners, shares approaches he has used to build high performing IT teams and how he has seen managed services partnerships fuel company growth and contribute to both employee and customer satisfaction. In this conversation with host Phil Sobol, Vice President of Business Development at CereCore, Varun shares experiences that have helped him earn trust and form collaborative relationships among senior leaders and peers. He wraps up with practical advice like why you need a personal board of directors. If your healthcare organization is feeling the pressure to balance IT operational demands with today's staffing and budget constraints, this podcast episode is for you.

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Clinician experience: The missing link between high-efficiency and high-tech healthcare

It's no secret that EHRs have increased the administrative burden on physicians and contribute to rampant burnout. Oncology physicians face a unique set of challenges on top of that — overwhelming data, severe treatment side effects and highly complex illnesses, to name a few — and they need tech solutions that can help them navigate this complicated landscape.

This whitepaper sheds light on the pervasive EHR issues plaguing clinicians and underscores the critical need for a data-driven design that harmonizes technology with clinicians' workflow — a potent remedy for healthcare's financial and operational challenges.



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